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football in night

football in night

Why Football is better than Cricket

As expected, you know about the Word “Sports”. Cricket and football is the game in which the contribution of players are more. But, on which basis  “Why Football is better than Cricket”, is it true or not. These all concept are going to be disclosed in this article.

The Games from which you have maintain or improve our physical ability are known as “Sports”. Sports is actually governed by the set of rules or customs, which serves to ensure lawful tournament.

There are a lot of sports which is performed or played all over world. All are great but football and cricket is on other level in all the games like:

  1. Soccer
  2. Badminton
  3. Field Hockey
  4. VolleyBall
  5. Golf


In the Football, it contains the time of ninety minutes where it has been after 45 minutes and interchange the team whereas, The Cricket is determined as Test matches which is five days, International ODI matches contains seven to eight hours and T-20 is little more than three hours.


The Cricket may be opening up to newer countries like Nepal and China, but we still know that there are the front runners of the game like India, Australia, and England. Ten teams have been ranked on the ICC rankings like Tests and Odis with the rest of nations termed as ‘associates’.

In the case of Football, mostly all countries are associated with the sports and children from every country and religion know who are Messi and Ronaldo. World largest played game.

Advertisement break:

In Football, people have to wait for the first half which is after forty-five minutes without any advertisement and football another name is soccer and Cricket is an exciting game but when there is a fall of wickets or complete overs, then broadcasts the ads which are so irritating. From this, you can imagine which game is best for watching.

Numbers of players:

There are Sixteen players in the cricket which adds five players as a substitute and in football, there are Eighteen players which adds seven players as a substitute. And there are only eleven players in the football or in cricket to play on the ground.


In Cricket, when batsman coming out on the pitch he has to set up with the following items like a helmet, gloves, rear guard, pads, male organ guard, thigh guard etc… In Football, the player has to wear out the following items like shin-pads, studs, or goalie gloves.


Cricket is such a sport which requires good weather (it’s day or night) to keep the game in motion. But that’s NOT in the case of football. Here, the beautiful game played in any weather like rain, snow or at a beach.

The complexity of positions:

In football, you have usually four positions to fill – Goalie, Defence, Midfield and the Forward. But in cricket, it’s difficult to set on the fielders in the field. For instance, we have – mid-wicket, deep long leg, short cover, leg gully, deep cover etc and many more which can control a common man rasping the head.

Superstar Value:

Everyone knows the God of cricket “Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar” he started cricket from his childhood and made a history of hundreds of hundreds. And now, there is only one name who is “Virat Kohli” as Indian Cricket Team Skipper but he cannot even come close as far as Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Eden Hazard, and Xavi are concerned.

The Cricket is the “gentleman” game and in comparison to it, the Football is “beautiful” game. In these games, both cricket and football justify the stamina of the player and set the aim to make an improvement.

Main difference between cricket and football

cricket vs football best
cricket vs football best    image source:


  1. In cricket only 3 players plays a vital role, bowler, batsman and fielder( how collect the ball.
  2. Cricket can be stopped due to rain.( depends upon climate)
  3. It takes more time ( 3-4 hr time taken for 50 over)


  1. Every player gives equal contribution.
  2. It is not affected by climate.
  3. 90 minutes is targeted time to complete the game

On the basis of time , participation and enjoyment football is best to play. The physical work is very hard in football, but that hard work gives you a perfect body.


It all upon players that how they manage their playing shots or stamina and what they show on the field. We have discussed the cricket and football games, here you understand which match you want to watch and how to spend your time.

These reasons which are discussed with you, to remember what is right and what is wrong. I think that, now you understand why football is better than cricket and to whom you want to choose.

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