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QuickBooks ProAdvisor Preferred Pricing Program: Discount Plans

In this article, we are going to know about the new ProAdvisor program, which is known as the QuickBooks ProAdvisor Preferred Pricing Program (PAPP). This program is about the ongoing discount option available for QuickBooks Online and all related QuickBooks products and services through the ProAdvisors.   

Read the article till the end to what are the discounts, types of discounts options, and etc. 

ProAdvisor Preferred Pricing

Here is the table of QuickBooks ProAdvisor Preferred pricing. Have a look, and know in which QuickBooks product you will get how many discounts. 

ProAdvisor (we bill your firm)

Direct (we bill your client)

QuickBooks Online 30% off base subscription 30% off base subscription
Simple Start $18/mo $18/mo
Essentials $35/mo $35/mo
Plus $56/mo $56/mo
Advanced $126/mo $126/mo
QuickBooks Online Payroll 30% off base subscription

+15% off employee and contractor fees

30% off base subscription

+15% off employee and contractor fees

Core $31.50/mo $31.50/mo
Premium $52.50/mo $52.50/mo
Elite $87.50/mo $87.50/mo
QuickBooks Time 30% off base subscription

+15% off employee fees

30% off base subscription

+15% off employee fees

Premium $14/mo $14/mo
Elite $28/mo $28/mo

Products Available in ProAdvisor Preferred Pricing

There are some specific QuickBooks products, which are included in the ProAdvisor preferred pricing program. Let’s know, what are they, and in which QuickBooks product the clients can get discounts. 

Included QuickBooks Products: 

QuickBooks Online Simple Start, Advanced, Essentials, Plus, QuickBooks Online Payroll Core, Premium, Elite, QuickBooks Time Premium, and QuickBooks Time Elite are included in the discount program.   

Not-Included QuickBooks Products:  

QuickBooks Self-Employed is not included in the QuickBooks preferred pricing discount plan. 

Difference Between ProAdvisor Discount & Direct Discount

Both discounts are available through the professional or by the ProAdvisors. In the ‘Add Client’ 

Page of QuickBooks Online Accountant you can find both discounts easily. Normally, when a ProAdvisor starts a new QuickBooks Online subscription for a client, he can choose any one of the discount options.   

ProAdvisor Discount

With the ProAdvior discount, the ProAdvisor needs to pay directly for the product subscription to enjoy an ongoing discount.  

Direct Discount

With the Direct discount, the clients pay for their product subscription and receive the discount for 12 months. After 12 months the clients will charge the current monthly list price. 

Procedure to Enroll Clients in ProAdvisor Preferred Pricing Discounts

Follow the procedure to enroll your clients in the discount plan (ProAdvisor Preferred Pricing plan). 

  • First of log in to the QuickBooks Online account with your user ID, and password.
  • Then go to the ‘Add Client’ screen, and enter your client’s information in the required field. 
  • Choose the team members that you want to have access to the account.
  • Now you have two discount options for your clients; ProAdvisor discount (we bill your firm), and Direct discount (we bill your client). Decide, which discount you will give to your client. And select the option.  
  • Choose the product that you recommend to your client.
  • And at last, click the ‘ Save’ option to save all of the changes made by you. 

Why Should you Go for the PAPP Subscription

Before going to the program subscription you just need to know why it is preferred by the ProAdvisors. Here are some of the points have a look;

Reliable Savings

You will get a reliable savings through this program. With this, the firm, and clients of QuickBooks ProAdvisors or the accountants will get the best long-term pricing on the QuickBooks Online Payroll, QuickBooks Online, and QuickBooks Time.   

Flexible Billing

Flexible billing is an advantage for the ProAdvisors. With this program, the ProAdvisors can select the option that works for the clients, as well as with you. And the accountants can bill the subscription along with the firm’s services.       

Set Up Clients for Success     

You can set up the clients according to the right product subscription, and services from the start. 

It was everything about the QuickBooks ProAdvisor costs and the ProAdvisor preferred pricing program discount. Hopefully, now you have an idea that what is the QuickBooks ProAdvisor rates or how much does QuickBooks ProAdvisor costs as a ProAdvisor or as a client. 

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