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hulk in avenger

hulk in avenger

What happened with Hulk in Avenger: infinity war

Starting seen of Avenger: infinity war, if you recall there is small fight between thanos   and hulk and hulk defeated by thanos very badly. Some people think due to the fear of marvel most powerful villain, hulk decided to hide under bruce .

But that is truly unacceptable due to aggressive behavior of hulk. Let me clear it ,being a marvel big fan you can’t lose the memory of  “Thor Ragnarok” where hulk is fighting with god of thunder( Thor) and also at that time he didn’t quite.

The Incredible Hulk might be a giant rage monster who loses control and destroys entire cities, but Bruce in very helping and kind for mankind.

Then,Why hulk doesn’t come back in movie ?

Bruce Banner is a genius scientist, due to experiment on him , at the time of anger the personality of hulk comes out. Bruce never like hulk from the origin of hulk movie you have noticed that he always hide him or to control him from coming out.

Due to that the hulk character is also angry on Bruce due to their nature. When Bruce required hulk to come up he disagree to come.

2 major seen which clear all the myth of hulk fear from thanos.

Bruce try to become hulk
Bruce try to become hulk           image source:

 A) In thor ragnarok when hunk become bruce and there is a fight in between hel( Goddess of death)and asgardian, a fox like animal is send by hel to kill people and no one there to protect them then bruce jumped.

But Hulk not came out until, he had been unconscious, So,it is clear from that.

bruce and hulk
bruce and hulk      image source:

 B) In avenger:Infinity war , some pawns are send by thanos for taking time-stone from Dr.strange. A good fight seen is created by marvel, Bruce wants to become hulk but, said clearly NO.

The internal conflict between them is main region, due to that hulk is not come out.

Why hulk took over completely for two year on sakaar, this question also create a puzzle?

Bruce and Hulk knew he could never really run off with Natasha, they know that people is not feel safe with hulk. Both the example are easy to under stand the hulk vs Bruce concept.

Hulk will be seen ininfinity war 2or not ?

avenger infinity war
avenger infinity war     image source:

I am not from marvel so ,may be some variation with my imagination and marvel story. But according to marvel poster definitely hulk came back but that hulk have both the things mind like Bruce and power like hulk named as Dr. Hulk.

Bruce Banner and the Hulk’s relationship has always been complicated to understand but infinity war proved through a simple concept. When hulk realise that bruce necessarily want him and there is no anyoption then the entry of The Incredible Hulk is going to create a good effect.

According to last seen of infinity war there is a new entry of Captain Marvel, who motivate all the avenger, which are left after thanos contaminate. Dr. Hulk play an important role in Avenger 4 to collect  6 infinity stone and also help to defeat thanos.

No Hulk is not scared. Just waiting for a good connection with Bruce. Hulk have only a fear to to protect Bruce.

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