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Important of science in your life (Advantages and Disadvantages)

What do you know about science? How can you connect with the term of science? And Why science is important for you and business accuracy.

Basically, “ Science is a systematic knowledge”. Which help to provide information about facts. Science helps in developing technology, and technology gives a comfortable life. 

We all want to save time and making money. Science helps to provide a technic for technology and that technique helps in both way. In the whole world, many objects are available.  A deep study in these object is called science.

Importance of science in your life increasing every day. Science has developed many things like a train, airplane, car, mobile, laptop etc. which we use in our day to day life.

Field of science:  

The area of science is very expended due to the information of every field(bio, mathematics, aeronautical information ). Somewhere you are surrounded by science, you are going to know some specific field of science.

  • Medicine
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Neurology
  • Optics
  • Physics
  • Zoology


According to the experiment in the Medical field, science plays an important role. The technology of science help in the diagnosis of diseases may be a human body. Somewhere treatment of diseases can be cure with the help of medical study of science.


Biology is a branch of science. Which deals with growth, evolution, structure, function in living organisms.


Chemistry is a branch of science, which deals with the study of chemicals and endothermic and exothermic reaction. How and why substance combined and separate with each other. It gives you information of problem like, cause of iron rusting, and nuclear reaction.


Neurology is a most important branch of medical science. That handles with disorders of the nervous system. Example brain, blood, vessels. The main work of neurology autonomic, central and peripheral nervous system.


Optics is a branch of physics. In which you study about electromagnetic radiation (for example light,  radiation) etc.


Physics is a branch of science. Which deals with the matter, energy, and interaction between them. Physics is directly related to science. The great scientist of physics Newton gives three low of motion.

  1. Law of Inertia
  2. f=ma (f= force, mass=acceleration)
  3. Force every action there is an equal opposite reaction.


The branch of science deals with the study of animal and their category. Zoology is divided into subpart like Entomologist, ornithologist etc.

Some scientist and his invention


Scientist Name Invention
James watt James Watt Steam Engine
Thomas Alva Edison Electric bulb
James Chadwick Neutron
Marie Curie Radium and Polonium
Charles Darwin Origin of Species
Michael Faraday Electromagnetic induction
Robert Hooke   cell

An advantage of science:

There are many Advantage of science. Like a sewing machine, bike, bicycle, and pen etc. It helps to make many electronic gadgets, which people use in daily life. We are going to describe some advantage.

  1. The invention of the electric bulb, It is a  great invention of science. Through which you can do your work in the night.
  2. It gives us a train which we can move anywhere in our country.
  3. Science has brought a lot of medicine to save your body from diseases.
  4. Because of science, your life becomes healthier and longer.
  5. You can communicate all over the world at any time. All these things are possible due to science.
  6. In a field of medical science, it provides treatment and helps to dangerous disease like as cancer, typhoid, brain tumor, etc.
  7. The invention of the computer is also the best example of science.  Through which it solves, a complex calculation in a short time.
  8. With the help of the machine, you can do your work easily by shaving your time.
  9.  You can easily go from one place to another in a few minutes.


A disadvantage of science:

Everything has an advantage and disadvantage, Now you are going to know about the disadvantage of Science.

  1. Use of machines to create a problem for unemployment.
  2. Polluted water and noise pollution directly effect of the atmosphere. Directly damages the environment and causes serious diseases like breathing problem, eye pain. It’s effect can be seen on the human body.
  3. Our moral and spiritual process is failed to keep pace with our scientific progress.
  4. In the present time, everyone wants to do his work by machine. But somewhere we are trapped in machine work. It decreases the physical work.
  5.  Develop many dangerous weapons like bombs, guided missile,  nuclear bombs, and hydrogen bombs etc. These weapons are very dangerous for human life.

Conclusion :

It depends upon you how you use it in your daily life. If you use scientific things in the positive direction than it is beneficial for you. Like ISRO( Indian space research organization ) launch chandrayaan 2 in March 2018 did for the country.  Field of science increase day by day but you can’t do all your thing with machine and science. physical exercise is the best way to get a good health.


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