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internet connectivity

internet connectivity

Internet Is A blessing Or Curse Of Human Life

The Internet is an important tool for a human that helps to any kind of task. Due to usability, a human cannot ignore it. But also with usability, It has some demerit. first, I want to tell you, what is the internet? and

what is the advantages and disadvantages of the internet?

Why are you require internet?  The Internet is an interconnection of a network system.  Two or more internet devices are connected through wireless media.

The Internet is a network of a computer network.

Through which many more devices may be connected together and share information, data and other system information in a secure way. In this time every person is familiar with the internet.

Some important field of the internet:

The field of the internet is very widely and deeply. Because It holds global information and system knowledge. Without it, your work takes more time. It is a helpful and necessary tool or technique to save time. After knowing it’s usability and requirement, we can’t underestimate the importance because the mostly task of human depends on the internet. But I want to explain some important field which mostly used to the internet.





Education is very important in human life. Because a good education makes a man perfect. But, a way of education is different, in a different country. The name of some country that uses 95% online study. Example New York, Virginia,  Oregon, Oklahoma, Mississippi, etc. You can do continue your study with jobs. In the field of education, the internet is very helpful for everyone.



The Internet is more and more involved in a field of medicine. There are many physicians using it to find out new information in specific medicine. You can do directly advertisement or promotion of your medicine on the immediate base. In the field of medicine having use of the internet. That is a fast and time-saving technology in present time.



The Internet and science are interdependent to each other.

Science had developed many technical devices like satellite, airplane, mobile, laptop, telephone, etc. with the help of the internet, you can easily access its devices. Without the internet, human life is not compatible,  complete. Thus you can say that the internet is the main important part of science.

Need Of Internet:

Without the internet, it is difficult to calculate or perform any one task. Without the internet, a human can complete many works such as online Registration,  Pan card online, adhar card online, online marketing, etc. These tasks totally depend on the internet. like If you want to get information about any new update or any topic for it, an internet connection required. With the help of electronic supportable devices, you directly connect with the internet.

thus to find any kind of information you can use the internet. And can get immediate information and you could save your time. Hence it increases your work speed. You can start your own business. After it, you can earn more money compared to offline business.


Seeing the advantages of the internet definitely, we can say, the internet is a blessing for a human. Here I am going to explain some advantages of the internet.

The Internet is a Blessing:

To see the advantages of the internet differently we can say, the internet is a blessing for a human.

  • you can send and receive emails.
  • It provides an easy way of shopping.
  • The internet is a growing up technology. Because, an overall average of five countries like West Virginia, New Mexico, Alabama, Texas, Mississippi, internet usage of around 95 %. it works is totally depend on online base. This is a blessing of the whole world.
  • You can find interesting material according to your need.
  • You are meet/get to know a lot of people. And you can share detail on immediate base.
  • It is a  best tool search job any kind of field according to your profiles.
  • An easy way to find a lot of information of all country.
  • you can pay any type of bill at leaving home.
  • The internet is easy to save your time.
  • It makes your works very simple. Which you can do your work easily.
  • If you feeling curious. It is a very important tool to spend your time.
  • There are many facilities available on internet like video game, movies, song, etc. So that you can see it.
  •  you can study at home base in any subject according to your need.
  • A number of application available on the internet. Example Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram. By using an application you can chat with your friends.

you can search for medicine and health-related other product.

Curse of the Internet:

Along with the advantage. There are many disadvantages. Due to this reason,  you can say that it is a course of human life.

  • It is very harmful to eyesight because, to use the internet, you required electronic devices.  Example Mobile, laptop. It devices give up radiation that directly effects of human eyes and heart. You may be a patient if you continuously use this device. Thus you can say it is a  curse of a human.
  • One time there are many people connect to the internet. Some people may be good and some may be bad, Bad people are very harmful because they, you can do misguide.
  • Children spend your maximum time besides doing other work.
  • There are many viruses is available on internet which destroyed your computer.
  • Due to the maximum use of it. You may be an addict to the internet. That reason you can say it is a course of human life.


“Already I have explained the internet is a growing technology. And also the internet and human have a good relationship with each other. As for example shopping, banking, pan card, aadhar card, etc. Because the internet provides compatibility in human work and increases fastly work efficiency. By using the internet you can save your time,

And save time to invest in other work according to your need. Thus we can say the internet and human have a deep relationship with each other. Therefore I suggest you do not use the internet. You can start to use the internet and improve your career. Because the internet provides daily updated  new all over the world.”

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