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Impact of Movie In Human Life

Importance of the movie is a big thing in our society. You have seen that after watching any movie, you basically want to implement the technology or character of an individual, in your daily life. Basically, a movie is a collection of a picture and sound.

Many characters doing there best to make you laugh and surprised. All the actors are doing there a specific character in that particular story. The story may be any type like historical, social, terrorist, Technical etc. To make a movie Succesful, every artist giving there 100%. Place selection for that particular scene of the movie is decided by the director.

Required things for movies:

Movie making is a very big project in which,

  1. Director
  2. Hero
  3. Villain
  4. Heroin
  5. Side actor
  6. Place selection
  7. Camera


The director plays a vital role to arrange crew and cast member. Because the selection of all character depends on the director.


All story totally depends on a hero. If you have seen movies then your all focus on a hero. The hero is a very important character in a movie on which the whole film depends.


If you compare villain and hero. The equal contribution of hero and villain gives a good result(in term of benefits). Because without in  Two characters. You can not make any movies.


Like hero and villain, heroin is a main character of the film.

Side Actor:

Besides all character, side actors play an important role in movies. Because, while you have seen a film, You find that there are many side character work in the different place. Basically these character act as sequence connector. 

Place Selection:

Place selection is very important to a director and movie. To find out a suitable place for making a movie.

The need for movies:

In the modern world, every person wants to smile and fun. Human spends his time in office work, traveling and study. You do not have time due to a busy schedule, to remove mental stress you like to watch movies. If you feel alone then you can spend time watching movies. There are many positive effects of movies. From which you can learn many things.

Type Of movies:

In the whole world their any type of movies in a different language. Basically, here I will tell you some basic type of movies step by step.

  1. Hollywood.
  2. Bollywood.


Englis movies commonly know as Hollywood movies/foreigner movies. Hollywood movies develop in the English language but there are release and dubbed in many languages. Few Hollywood movies are The commuter, 12 strong, Maze Runner, The death cure etc.

hollybood star
Hollywood star


There are many Bollywood movies develop in a different language in   India. In the film, industry Bollywood have a big place. Bollywood movies story is many types like as love story, family story etc. India has a big film industry city known as Mumbai. Some special actor lives in Mumbai that famous in Bollywood film industry like Amitabh Bachchan, Shahrukh Khan, Salman Khan, Ajay Devgan etc. Name of  Bollywood new movie Race 3, Padmavati, Raazi, Namaste England etc. Bollywood movies are very interested in Indian people. The positive effect of movies on Indian people very high.

Some positive impact of movies in human life:

Movies have both points Positive and Negative, but in this topic, you read about +ve terms of movies. Some positive effect of movies we are described below one by one.

While you feel unhappy, the movie can convert your unhappiness into happiness.

You can learn many things from it about your life and science.

Movies provide a lot of entertainment and knowledge.

The advantage of movies:

There are many advantages of movies. I will tell you.

  1. Entertainment.
  2. Artform
  3. Films education us


Movies is a most popular source of entertainment. It is a story which you have to watch with more concentration to understand the moral concept of the story. Due to focus, it gives entertainment. By movies, you can increase your concentration power.



A film like an Art where you can express your thought and emotion. As a painter paint on a imagination on a canvas.

A disadvantage of movies:

There are many disadvantages of movies, few of them are given below

  1. Wastage money and time.
  2. Addiction to movies.
  3. Established a  false notation

Wastage  money and time:

Most of the people like to see movies but they are investing time and money on movies. If you see movies continuously you might suffer from an eye problem.

Addiction to Movies:

The movie is the best thing to spend time alone but the addition of movies may disconnect your presence from society.

Established a false notation:

Some movies lead you in the direction of destruction. Because, when you see movies there different seen of a different place like as the thief stealing money from a bank and tricks. Some people apply these thoughts in real life that very harmful. A movie is full of the imaginary so try to take the good point of a movie not any bad information


”Here you can see advantage and disadvantage of movies. It depends upon you in which expect you want to take information and technical knowledge through movies. Everything has good or bad information. Avoid negative impact and enhance your skill and lifestyle on the basis of movies.

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