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disaster after earth quake

disaster after earth quake

Natural Disaster: types and impact in human life

I know that you have heard about the disasters but when it happens in human life, you have thought that what impact of the disasters on human life. And what they lose from this hazards. You see this and understand then you can able to do precautions over these hazards.

Disaster is the natural hazards which affect the human life.

Natural Disaster

disaster due to fire
disaster due to fire                                                                                                                                            image source:

Any kind of exposure which may cause property, human and many more things is known as “Natural Disaster”. In another way, Disaster means that any type of misshaping on the Earth that damages or causes the natural beauty, properties damage, loss of lives is also termed as “Natural Disaster”.

The Impact of Natural disasters on Human

Population displacements: One of the effective disasters in population displacement. when countries are harassed by the earthquake or any other powerful disaster, all people search for the safe place from there they can get rescue.  

Health risk: In the natural disaster, many people take the risk for their families to reach safe places. But, in this situation water effects on the health of human from waterborne bacteria and malaria-carrying mosquitos.

Loss of agriculture supplies: After the natural disaster, millions of people in the world go hungry because destroy of crops or you can say a loss of agriculture supplies. It damages the development of child also.

Emotional for loved ones: In disasters like earthquakes, landslide, tsunami, thunderstorm many people died in these. And people felt emotional for their loved ones in this situation.

There are three types of natural disasters which have sub parts also:

  1. Geological disasters
  2. Hydrological disasters
  3. Meteorological disasters

1. Geological disasters

Avalanches and landslides

According to me, the wide range of ground movements, such as rockfalls, slope failures, mudflows ( the soil or mass of rocks converted into liquid ) and debris flows (it include masses of soil and small pieces of rocks) are the terms of a landslide.

And, “Avalanches” which is known as “snowslide”. An avalanche is a large amount of snow layer in the snowpack that discharges and slides down to downwards of the mountains when triggered. Avalanche quickly combined snow and triggered in the heavy element which affects the nature so much.


boy lost his family due to earth quake
boy lost his family due to earth quake

The movement on a surface of the Earth is known as quake or we can say that as “Earthquakes”.  Earthquakes break the rocks and sudden movements in the surface of the earth with harmful energy.


Anything which is caused by water erosion or the surface of water disappears underground known as “Sinkholes”.

Volcanic eruptions

The eruptions which occur from a stream of gas and ash. And the violent discharges of volcanic material like lava, rock, dust, and gas are known as ” Volcanic eruption”.

2. Hydrological disasters


The water which is overflow on the dry land. And at sometimes the water bodies get flushed like river, lake, or ocean are described as “Flood”.

Limnic eruptions

It causes due to excess amount of CO2 in lake water, looks like a gas bubble (ex. fom).


The meaning of Tsunami is “Harbor wave”. The peak range of waves which occurs from volcanic eruptions or earthquake and movement or shaking of the surface in the sea are known as “Tsunami”.

3. Meteorological disasters

destruction by nature
destruction by nature                                                                                                                              image source:


The term is characterized as heavy snow, powerful winds, and low temperature and low visibility are known as “Blizzards”.

Cyclonic storms

In general term, it is a variety of low pressure like tropical cyclones and this also known as “hurricanes” and “typhoons”.


The shortage of water or low rainfall on the surface of the earth is known as “Droughts”.


Thunder means lightning and it occurs due to heavy rainfall or hail. It is a harmful effect for Earth atmosphere known as “thunderstorm”.

Heat waves

The heat waves define as a period of abnormal or uncomfort like humid weather. If we see in meteorology, the heat waves have a maximum temperature for than five consecutive days, it exceeds 9 degrees from the normal temperature.


These are so violent and it is a column of air extending from a thunderstorm to the ground. This hazard is from the surface of the earth to the base of a cumulus cloud. They can destroy heavy materials like buildings, flyovers, uproot trees and many more. This is known as “Tornadoes”.

The disasters which damage the natural beauty.

It also destroys the life of all living beings that are on the earth and in water too. Some disasters have more power to destroy but from this, you can understand and take precautions to live a long life.   

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