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how to choose study subject

how to choose study subject

How to choose field of study for better scope?

If  you forcefully selected study field never gives better result.

Choose a better field of study is more important because the carrier depends upon it. Every person wants success, but how you can achieve that success is the main question?. To achieve your target, you have to do study and planning for that particular scope.

Commonly in our society, everything is manipulated on the basis of others opinion. Due to that, it is difficult for the student to select their field of interest. Generally, in Asian continent countries like China, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, parents decision is forcefully imposed on children.

It is your life, so select the study field according to your choice and capacity. If anyone is suggesting you, listen to his/her advice but follow your own mind. It is a good key to success and can help to achieve any target.

Before taking any decision, follow these three Rules:-

  1. The decision must be taken according to your capacity and ability.
  2. Always select your strong zone field of a stream.
  3. Try to understand another point of views also.

How to select the study field?

study for better scope
study for the better scope

If you stuck on point of scope that means you are not selecting a right field of study. Because everything which exists in this world having a scope no matter it is good or bad.

It is very easy to select, choose the study stream in which your brain feel comfort and you fail to recognize time. Many students have a creative mind, some of them are good in remembering things.

If your catching power or recalling power is strong then a medical field is better for you.

But if you are good at resolving puzzle or having a good mathematical approach then you can select any stream of below stream after 10th.

  1. Math stream
  2. Commerce stream
  3. Science stream

Everyone knows about their strong and weak zone field of study so, select your choice apart from any pressure. A study is a life, So take decision carefully because there is no any way to return after selecting of any field of study.

  1. Math stream

This stream has an ability to gives you a direction in a field of  Engineering. For this stream, you need an intelligent mind to do quick works. Math stream has a lot of feature scope. After selecting math you can take any stream of engineering field like computer, mechanical, civil, Electronic and communication branch and more. Every course of has a different scope. Math stream is a king in study courses. Because without mathmetic are nothing possible.

  1. Commerce stream

Commerce stream is good but It covers basically accounting, economics and related subjects to trade and business. But before selecting commerce stream study field mathematical calculation be require to good. 

Related Topic:

  • Accounting
  • Tax
  • Business Economics
  • Finance
  • Maths ( hope of higher study CA, ICWAI, CFA )

If you are confuse that which study field better for you, can following tips that will help to choose better scope study fields. you can carefully understand.

Best tips to select better scope study

  1. First you recognized your study skill.
  2. You can select your entrusted subject for study
  3. you may take suggestion academic adviser.
  4. Choose better study fields, you can ask a highly educated person.
  5. You can self consider which study field is best for you.
  6. You can take instruction student community which study field may compatible for you.

Basic academic skills:

Due to good analytical skill, it gives comfort to calculations and number crunching. Time management required for completing the task within a time limit. Good communication and Computing skills are the necessity.


10th pass with good marks.

After 12th class –

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce (B.Com)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Arts (B.A.)

After Graduation –

  • Chartered Accountancy
  • Chartered Financial Analyst
  • Cost Accountancy
  • Company Secretary

    3. Science stream

select field of study
select field of study

Science field  has also a lot of scope from which

Scope with a study of science :

It has two division

applied = engineering and technology/medicine

pure = theoretical

Topic related to this field :



Mathematics (is optional, but important for other option like engg.)

Biology( is optional, but important for other option like Medicine)

Basic academic skills :

Comfort with science along with patients due to long study duration.  the Properties of an object by using your senses needed for observing. Having good measurement and estimation skill.

Eligibility :

10th pass with Science

12th pass with

Bachelor’s Degree in Science (B.Sc/ B.E / B.Tech)

Bachelor’s Degree in Medicine  & Surgery (MBBS)

After Graduation

Doctor of Medicine ( MD.)

How to select, which one is good for you?

study for better scope
study for the better scope

How to select, which one is good for you?

  1. Select matches with your skill ( passionate study )
  2. Commerce is less stressful than science and math.
  3. Can’t change commerce stream after 12th, but it is easy in science and math.

Still, any confusion then focuses on every subject which is provided in the 10th syllabus. After giving the final exam of 10th,  meet with the person who is already in that stream or read online books about both the subjects. That help you to abstract your field of study.

Science has more option than commerce. Both are different than each other but both contain a good scope.

Ending word

I have explained complete information about, How to choose the field of study for the better scope? Because selection is very important for every for any kind of the stream. If you select the wrong study stream then the result will be wrong. So If you are confused about selection, then you can take advice or suggestion to a highly educated person. I hope this article can help to select the right stream.


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