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solar system reading

solar system reading

How astronomy is connected with Science ?

 Astronomy is the study of science which deals with celestial objects(non-Earthly bodies like  stars, planets, comets, gas, galaxies, gas, dust).

One thing always strike in our mind , is life possible after earth. To solve this question Scientist like A. Einstein, Galileo, Subrahmanyan Chandrasekhar was working.

According to NASA,”the study of stars, planets and space” is known as Astronomy.

From my previous post you can understand about science and technology relation. It is not about only relation, also separating the science and their working field. A particular knowledge because that contains a lot of information in science.

“Importance of  astronomy helps in solar eclipse, moon eclipse and many more.”   

sky seen by scientist
sky seen by scientist

Table of Contents


Ancient time

Scie ancient time the study of space and galaxy, are still continues.  The facts recharges started from countries like Mesopotamia, Greece, Persia, India, China, Egypt, and Central America. 

Middle Ages

In middle age( 9th to 13 century), Islamic leaders shows his interests to know more about galaxy. Andromeda galaxy was described by Azophi in his Book of Fixed Stars.

Roman Catholic Church gave more financial help to study and research on Astronomy.

Scientific revolution

Galileo work definition gives a faithful result, Kepler was first scientist. Because who described correctly the details of the motion of the planets with the Sun at the center.  

What is Astronomy, and how it is related to science?

Outside the earth atmosphere, some other object are find and some time their changing. Because due to effects leads to some occurrence on earth. Therefore the branch of science which deals with it known as Astronomy.

Hence, Astronomy and Astrology associated with each other but astrology is not a part of science.

While reading this article you know about the history of astronomy , because related fields of study, including cosmology. Now, in our society the distribution of astronomy was divided on two basis:

  • Observational astronomers ( direct study of stars and galaxies)
  • Theoretical astronomers (how and why)

You heard about every things physics, chemistry, meteorology, and motion of celestial objects, atmosphere all are developed from universe. It is a civilization which is developed my Qurious mind of human.

Telescope had been playing an important role in study of it, because we can’t see that from nude eyes. Astronomers are the person who study about astronomy, the observations of the night sky, and astronomical artifacts like breaking of stars, solar eclipse and more.

The theoretical and observational astronomy tends together for making a good collection of information.

Types of Astronomy

study of sky know as astronomy
study of sky know as astronomy

Planetary astronomers :-

It basically study about the growth, evolution, and death of planets. 

Example:- Red spot on Jupiter

Stellar astronomers :-

That branch deals with infinity or any complex facts like the black holes, nebulae, white dwarfs and supernova.  

Solar astronomers :-

It is a process of collecting an individual information about Sun or particular solar planets. The branch of science which deals to find the working, benefit and loss.

Questions like:- Sun rays having UV rays or not?

Amount of UV lights.

Galactic astronomers:-

It is study of galaxy, the milky way, life cycle of stars, changes and making process.

Types of observational astronomy

gamma radiation reading
gamma radiation reading

Radio astronomy.

Through radio active rays unseen event can be detect, some sky radiation Best example :- Radio telescope of mexico.

Infrared astronomy

Infrared radiation detection and their working can be explain in this. Because the infrared spectrum is useful for studying objects that are too cold to radiate visible light,or disk whose light is covered by dust.

Optical astronomy

Oldest form of astronomy in which image are made by hand, before camera world.

Ultraviolet astronomy

The wavelength of UV light is (20 to 329 nm).  Earth’s atmosphere have capacity to absorb this wavelength .

X-ray astronomy

New location or spot like black hole in space is find by X-ray astronomy .

Gamma-ray astronomy

Gamma ray finds the astronomical objects because of  shortest wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum this process is know as Gamma-ray astronomy.


Astronomy can be connections with different branches of science. The beginning and biological structure of galaxy is explain by this study of stream. Questions like:-creation of earth, black hole, galaxy, similar planet like earth.

Astronomy is same for all but professional astronomy it to two facts.

observational astronomy

and theoretical astronomy.

So,both are important for each other and co related.

 Theory without any proof is like myth

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