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Residential Aluminium Electrical Wiring

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3 Reasons of Replacing Your Residential Aluminium Electrical Wiring

The wiring that was done during the year 1960 and 70 were made of aluminium. If an electrician detects such a wiring then it would be considered unsafe. There are various reasons for having such changes as will be explained by the electricians. It would be best to have knowledge of some reasons for replacing such wiring.

The 3 Reasons Leading To The Replacement Of Aluminium Wiring

There are various reasons for having the change of such wirings. It would be best to know the most important of those.

The risk for fire hazard:

It is seen that electrical wiring made of aluminum has the risk of catching fire. As the wiring attains age it gets heated at the points where there are connections and a fire may start. It is seen that houses which are built before 1972 has such wiring and have the hazard of catching fire. It would be wise to have such connection replaced and the best of electricians dealing with the aluminum wiring Calgary need to be contacted.

The electricians will judge if the wiring has the risk of catching fire and if it is so determined then they will be the one who can change that to wiring made of copper or any other conductive material. They do so charging a rate which will not cut a hole in the pocket.

Poor conductor of electricity:

It is seen that as metals get old, it oxides. It is seen that some metal oxides are a good conductor of electricity while some other is a bad conductor. Science says that copper oxides are a good conductor but it is just the opposite for aluminium oxide.

So, it can be said that aluminium wiring would not conduct electricity the best way as it should be. Having such a wiring would cause a problem if one has such wiring made of aluminium. So, this is also one of the reasons for changing the wiring if made of aluminium.

The other problems that may be faced:

One can easily image of a situation when doing some important work the light suddenly grows dim or flickers. It may also happen that the light flickers or suddenly goes off altogether. One can also have the smell of burning plastic or even see sparks. Yes, these incidents can happen if the wiring is made of aluminium.

Residential Aluminium Electrical Wiring 1
Residential Aluminium Electrical Wiring 1

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It is not the end here; one can notice fire and smoke if the wiring is not changed from that of aluminium. So, it can be easily understood how unsafe it is to have wiring made of aluminium.

The best way to have such change as told earlier is to hire the best of an electrician in Calgary dealing with aluminum wiring repair. They have the expertise and technical knowledge to determine whether there is a problem with the wiring and to change that to be of copper. They are licensed and have practical training to offer such changes at an affordable rate.

So, as a responsible house owner, one need to contact a licensed electrician to change the aluminium wiring.

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