Sun. Jun 16th, 2024
Buy Seedbox

Buy Seedbox

A Few Reasons Why You Should Buy Seedbox

In this competitive and harsh world, we all want to complete all the works as soon as possible to enjoy whatever spare time we are left within a particular day. When we rest, we still want to get engaged with something. Movies are always the best idea to kill time as it provides us with entertainment. But, the most irritating thing is the time it takes to download a video. We know how slow the network speeds work here. So what should we do?

Here the Seedbox comes to the rescue

A Seedbox is a high bandwidth remote server data center where we can download and upload digital files safely. It is used by movie makers, game developers, and musicians. But it doesn’t mean only people with such designation use it. There are various reasons why an individual should purchase and use a Seedbox. The reasons are –

  • It keeps us anonymous

Our identity will not be revealed here. People cannot track us through IPs address or government agencies. So, we need not have to worry about our details and its privacy.

  •  It is fast

Seedbox provides a speed of 100mbps using BitTorrent Protocol, which is fast. It makes easier for us to download or upload large files within minutes. We don’t have to wait for hours to complete our job.

  • It is immediate

Now, we don’t have to wait and sit around for hours to download or upload essential files. Using the internet speed a job can be carried out immediately. It doesn’t work like our home internet. So it makes the work more accessible and less time-consuming.

  • It is in the cloud

We don’t have to open different accounts for a lot of time. Since it will stay in the cloud, we don’t need to even worry about backups in the computer. So there is no requirement of any computer account to make it work. But the cloud option is not available in every country. So check it before using it.

  • It is affordable

Unlike some website, we don’t have to pay significant amounts for it. We have to pay $5 per month mostly. It is cheap, has high speed, work will be done immediately in fewer amounts.

  • It is safe and secure

This uses mostly high-level encryption that will keep our data files from the prying eyes. So, we don’t have to worry about our privacy unless and until the server is connected to the BitTorrent network.

  • It can be used from anywhere

Torrent Seedbox supports BTSync facility, through which we can access to our account easily from whichever devices we want. May it be mobile phones, laptops or computer, it is accessible from everywhere when we will click on the “sync the server” option which will copy the data of our account and then the torrent we own will open.

  • It is versatile

The torrent Seedbox is not only used for streaming videos. It is also designed for audios and books. Using the Seedbox, we can quickly read a book by downloading it immediately.

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