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science and their info

science and their info

What is science and how it is related to technology ?

Science is not created or invented by any individual person. It is just happen over time due to curious needs of human. In ancient time human need fire for their safety and they find. They needed swords from their protection from animal.

Protecting yourself with the help of Technics and technology is define as science. Science definition not contain a fix clarity because the boundaries of it is not limited. If you want to see the real touch of ancient time tools then visit science museum.

It is the keenness of human effort to know more about natural world. Observation of natural phenomena through experimentation to judge the real cause of occurrence. Some time we have a lot of things to search why it occur , that why is science.

Science and technology are two different things but the connection between them is important. Technology is developed on the basis of science, if you don’t have any to search then what you suppose to do.

Explain science & technology through example.

science and technology
science and technology

We all know that Rats, weasels, snakes, and centipedes reportedly left their homes before Earthquake. That means they find any sign before the occurrence.

Now, science gives a reason why is it so?

You are also think why it is happen, that curiosity is known as science. It is better to understand these things through an Example.

According to experiments, it is proved that ecologist observing power of these animals are higher than human. Before earthquake, disturbance of fossils and chemical reaction in earth core leads a vibration. That indicates the occurrence of Earthquake.

If, you find the reason of occurrence and you made something which protect from that is technology. Human makes Seismometer which detect earth vibration, is a part of technology.

Type of Science:

Due to wider area of working it hard to hold all topic in a single frame. So, it is divided into many subdivision.


It contain the information related to earth, (Eco + Logic ) Eco means environment and logic means concept. The branch of biology that gives the relations of organisms to one another. Example- draws nourishment from the air and from the ground.


(ocean + write )Branch of science which deals with physical and biological properties of Sea ecosystem. Example-chemical oceanographers study,chemical interaction of seawater.


(Geo + logic) Geo means earth. Study of earth occurring problem and their changes.Example-study of earthquakes, floods, and volcanic eruptions.


It is also a branch of science which deals with weather forecast.Example- Absolute humidity,Absolute temperature,Absorption hygrometer,Actual pressure


The scientific study of animals  behaviour, structure, physiology, classification.

Human biology

Branch of science which deals in human health and the chemical changes in body. Example-physiology, anthropology, and nutrition


Botany is the study of plant life, life cycle and their growth rate.

Science Fiction ( possibilities of possibility and impossibility )

center of science

In Today’s world we all want to know about  Science fiction is the side dark science in which people don’t know about it clearly.Their will be always a possibility of happening and mishappening. Scientist and engineering together they are performing on spaceflight,, and extraterrestrial life.

It is a phase of science in which we have idea to reach their but it is temporary stop due to their unfortunate results.


In 2nd century AD by the Hellenized Syrian, provided many themes and tropes that are characteristic of modern science fiction. Example – travel to other worlds,extraterrestrial lifeforms,artificial life

Many movies and novels was written on the principle of Fiction. Some movies based on “Sci-Fi”- Edge of Tomorrow, Interstellar,Ex Machina, Attack The Block and many more. Books like Artemis, Children of time,The Moon Is a Harsh Mistress,Robopocalypse.

In every county due to importance of science, Science center was established . The main benefit is that common people will also share their invention.

Science diet is a list animal food and their care techniques. Within the first couple of weeks, there was a major difference in my dog body to protect that Science diet.

Conclusion :

              Science is the main root of technology on which concepts are aimed to be.

Science and Engineering practices together to create new revolution. Both are incomplete without each other. Powerful and reliable knowledge generated by science, it helps in treatment of diseases. Because it is hidden every where.

According to time, science is continually refining and expanding. It is global participation of people, you can too!

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