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memory loss due to ALZHEIMER’S

memory loss due to ALZHEIMER’S

What is the Connection Between Alzheimer’s and Hearing Losing ?

Alzheimer’s is the main cause of dementia, in which memory loss problem took place. Sometime it happen due to old age problem, some other reasons may be the cause. Hearing loss means we don’t react on sound. Some times we didn’t collect voice if something that doesn’t mean, we are ill from hearing.

What is Alzheimer’s ?

It is a mental deterioration of brain , which starts with middle age and decreasing the ability of brain to recollect the memory , basically in young age our brain veins are active and the capability of working is high .

It is not a type of disease is the side effects of loose veins, gap between brain’s muscle.
This disease doesn’t only create disturbances in one’s behaviour activity and thinking abilities but also progressive loss of body functions.So, it affects the victim’s life.

In this disease some time person don’t have control on body and natural works (urinal control).
In india, more than 1 million cases/victims per year.
Comparing with the image
the eardrum is connected to the brains all the sound information which is collected by ear is directed to brain and the information is collected in brain memory . for example ( a mentally unfit person have ear but he didn’t hear, when we are calling or providing that instruction ).
Alzheimer is the main region of mental stress in old age.
AD patients needs hard to communication / high voice because they often forget their words,they also face difficulty in making new ideas, few words which is regularly used by them , they didn’t even understand what they told few time ago.

Every part of our body is connected through brain , all the activities is under the control of brain so we can say that Alzheimer’s is directly proportional to hearing lossing

Problem related to Alzheimer’s disease with hearing issues on age basis.
Age problem stats
0 to 2 no
3 to 5 no
6 to 13 no
14 to 18 no
19 to 40 starting( 5% to 20%)
41 to 60 suffering( 20% to 30%)
60+ (30% to 100%)

hearing loss
hearing loss

In this disease , person don’t even recognize there family members.

– Common words are also new for them
the ability of hearing decreases because brain do not remember that words for long time.
– AD pesent reaction time is less.
– The possibilities of increasing this disease is day by day , according to old age.

How to recover from Alzheimer’s and there hearing problem

– Basically medical science is fail to find any perfect treatment , but providing balanced food and proper care help to make some changes .
– Yoga is also helpful.
– High voice talk
– Regular uses of common words.
– It happens only in mid to old age.

But some medicine like
* Donepezil
* Ergoloid mesylate
* Galantamine (helpful in allergic reaction)
* Memantine (5 to 10 mg at empty stomach) ,

Help to increase the remembering the words, and increase the blood supply in brain. Due to Alzheimer’s disease veins are wince because of that hearing system of our body not react.

– Hearing loss due to Alzheimer’s ratio
– If less than 25 db Hearing ability , that means person is suffer from hearing problems.
– Hearing affect to brain causes,
– Frustration(hard to take decision/not a good decision maker)
– Irritability(not able to understand voice clearly)
–  Stress.

So yes ,basically we can say that, Alzheimer’s disease is connected to Hearing Loss.
it decreases the capacity of hearing and cause of stress and tension.

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