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heart disease

heart disease

Coronary heart disease types, causes, symptoms and amazing treatment

If you are suffering from the sudden pain in your left chest, you feel disturbed into yourself. In this condition, you are necessary to know about heart disease, What is heart disease?

“heart disease is a problem that affects the structure and function of the heart. Most of the people have different think about heart disease. But really heart disease is a group of the situation with many different roots cause.”

As you know that there are various types of heart problem, and every one contains own signs and treatment. Coronary heart disease is one of them.

Changing the lifestyle some heart disease can remove and improve your health but other heart diseases require surgery. Heart disease is the main cause of death in the USA  at this time and It has affected approximately fourteen million adults. Heart disease is fully responsible for the death in the United state of America. It has a 2 leading cause of death in 7 cause. I am going to explain the type of heart disease, that is the most pinpoint for your health.

Type of heart disease

Heart disease is the countable but the different type that affected various part of the body and happening in several ways.

  1. Coronary heart  disease
  2. Heart rhythm disorders
  3. Arrhythmia
  4. Structural heart disease
  5. Mitral regurgitation
  6. Dilated cardiomyopathy
  7. Myocardial infarction
  8. Heart failure
  9. Mitral valve prolapse
  10. Pulmonary stenosis

Coronary heart disease

Coronary heart disease
Coronary heart disease    image source:

The coronary arteries provide heart muscles nutrients and oxygen through circulating blood. Sometimes Coronary arteries may become deteriorate, ordinary because of plank store that contains cholesterol, due to this reason Coronary arteries of your heart narrowed or blocked. and this reason the heart to supply a low quantity of oxygen and nutrients. It may create a grave problem for the heart. Sometimes coronary heart disease causes most heart attacks as well as angina ( chest pain).

Coronary heart disease causes

Coronary heart disease causes
Coronary heart disease causes

There is much different cause of coronary heart disease, you can read in brief.

High cholesterol

Cholesterol is saturated fat made by the liver from your body. It is required for the healthy cell, but it may increase the quantity of CHD in your blood.

High blood pressure

High blood pressure increases the heartbeat and also strain on your heart due to this reason can lead to coronary artery disease. Other chemical product in the cigarette can damage the layer of your coronary arteries, dut to this reason beat of arteries may be stopped. If you are regular smoker it can increase the risk of heart disease 24 %.


The causes of high blood sugar level may lead to diabetes that can do double the risk of CHD. Diabetes can conduct to CHD because it increases the thickness of your blood inside blood vessels and restricts blood flow.


Due to the thrombosis blood clot in your vessells artery. if thrombosis happens in a coronary artery it stops the blood supply from reaching the heart muscle that often leads to a heart attack.

Coronary heart disease symptoms

The general symptoms of coronary heart disease are angina. The general symptoms of coronary heart disease are angina  (chest pain). Instead of chest pain, you can also analyze other symptoms like heart palpitations and unusual breathlessness. There are many people have not any symptoms before they are diagnosed.


angina  image source:

If your coronary arteries become a narrow or block,  a sort of pain arises in your chest that called angina this pain is like similar to indigestion. However, serious angina gives a heavy and sharp pain into the center point of your chest this pain may spread to the arms, neck, jaw, back or stomach. In this situation using a nitrate tablet, for instantly relax.

There are many types of Angina

  1. Stable angina
  2. Unstable angina
  3. Variant angina

Heart attack


If your arteries become fully blocked it can cause a heart attack. Heart attacks can perfectly damage the heart muscle and, if not treated straight away, can be fatal.

You can feel following symptoms during the heart attack such as

  1. Pain in your heart also with other parts of the body
  2. During the heart attack, your pain can spread  from your chest to your arms, neck, and abdomen
  3. Sweating
  4. lightheadedness
  5. sweating
  6. nausea
  7. breathlessness

Heart failure

If you are suffering from coronary heart disease, have most of the chances to heart failure. Because when your heart is too weak, he is not able to pump blood into your vein, the cause of fluid to build up in the lungs, making it increasingly difficult to breathe. heart failure may be slowly or fastly.

Coronary heart disease treatment

There are many different ways of the treatment for coronary heart disease. But coronary heart disease can not perfectly be cured, By using advanced technology, can be completely managed It. Changing the lifestyle and follow some medical procedure you can control perfectly on CHD.

Change your lifestyle

Change your lifestyle
Change your lifestyle

If you are feeling the problem of coronary heart disease, you can decrease the risk of CHD  by making the simple lifestyle changes. For example, you can stop smoking, it gives fast result and decreases the risk of coronary heart disease. Also with other factor are included that help to reduce the risk of coronary artery disease such as

  1. Eat healthy foods.
  2. Exercise regularly.
  3. Lose excess weight.
  4. Reduce stress.


There are many medicines used for treating coronary heart disease. Basically, all the medicine have a target to reduce the blood pressure and spread your arteries so that blood can reach all part of your body through the heart. Some medicines are included in the best treatment for CHD.


Statins   image source:

If you are feeling the problem of Connery heart disease, Statins medicine has a positive impact on CHD but If any person has enough quantity internal cholesterol deformation, that not work perfectly.

Low -dose Aspirin

low -dose aspirin decrease the blood clotting and also help to reduce the heart attack with the high risk of a cardiovascular event. It can maintain the heartbeats of the human body. Aspirin is not better but good medicine for heart disease.


Beta-blockers   image source:

Beta blockers decrease the blood pressure level of the heart. This medicine is specially used for those people who have the face problem of the heart attack.

Nitroglycerin patches, tablet or spray

The Nitroglycerin patches, tablet or spray

Nitroglycerin patches, sprays or tablet help to controls the chest pain and spreading to the coronary arteries, so that blood circulation into your body may the perfect way. It is a helpful drug for heart disease.

Calcium chain blocker

It medicine will help to widen the coronary arteries and allow to maintain the regular blood flow level to heart and also reduce hypertension.

Surgery  treatment for Coronary heart disease

If blood vessel of your heart become very narrow, and medicine is not working perfectly, in this situation with the help of surgery can open or replace block arteries. It is the last option the treatment for CHD. Here I am going to explain some different type of surgery that used to treatment for CHD.

Laser surgery

Laser surgery is an effective treatment technique that uses for CHD. It surgery include making many small holes in the heart muscle, that stimulate the formation of the new blood vessel.

Coronary bypass surgery

Coronary bypass surgery
Coronary bypass surgery    image source:

To coronary bypass, surgery surgeon uses a blood vessel from different portion of the body to make a graft that can bypass the blocked artery. The graft can come from the leg or an inside chest-wall artery.

Necessary test(diagnosis) for CHD disease

  1. Electrocardiogram (ECG)
  2. Stress test
  3. Coronary catheterization:
  4. CT scans
  5. Blood tests
  6. Holter monitor
  7. Echocardiogram
  8. Nuclear ventriculography


I have explained complete information about heart disease also with coronary heart disease(CHD). It is a dangerous disease for the heart. If you fell little problem related to heart than you may consult your heart specialist physician doctor. Because the heart is an important organ of the human body if you compare to other organs of the body. To saving your heart from the different type of disease, you must avoid all the smoking and also avoid alcoholic drinks because these things directly impact your heart.

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