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how to explain technology

how to explain technology

Simplest way to write Essay on technology


Essay is a clarification of particular topic no matter,that are related to which subjects. Now a day no one have time to read all the feature and function so they want overview on particular technology or topic. So Essay is used to provide all information about that particular concern. It is easy to write” Essay on technology”. Due to technology wider range we can’t explain all thing in a single article.Technology is very vast topic so you need to keep track of it and whats better way by taking historic achievements and examples. There are many topics about technology so you should choose what you want to right about and be confident about it. If you are enjoying writing and have a great impassioned content you will gather audience and keep them hooked. Start writing from the start like


  • Where the technology word derived from?
  • Ancient technologies?
  • How people reacted to the modern technology?
  • What were the major discoveries?
  • How peoples have embraced it?
  • Advantages and disadvantages of technology.
  • Your point of view should be dynamic and valid.


Here a small sample, hope you’d like it,

I am just providing you the best way to write an essay on technology.

In 1st Step, explain:-

You will have to write form where that technology was developed ?

In this topic you wrote-(175 to 200 words)

  • The origin of technology will be considered.
  • What is technology?
  • Is it miracle or experiment?
  • From where it came in existance?
  • Full form of that particular technology and the name of developer.
  • details
  • How it is related to science.                                                            

  • Why it is apart of science?
  • Difficulties of scientist to introduce technology.
  • Reason of Conflict between science and religion.
  • People  reactions

In 2nd step you have to explain-(300 to 400 words)

  • Relation between science and technology.
  • How science help to develop technology?
  • What is the region behind it?
  • Connection between technology and mankind.
  • How we are dependent on technology?
  • Why man create technology?
  • Is mankind going to end due to technology?
  • How technology related to our day to day life.
  • Explain how much contribution of technology in our life?
  • How it become a part of happiness and entertainment (television)?
  • What is the impact of technology(in positive way).
  • How it help in doing our work easily( example washing machine)
  • Technology make us dependent.


In 3rd step you consider( 500 to 700 words)

  • Type of technology.
  • Industrial technology( make product faster)
  • Alternative technology(eco friendly technology like wind turbines)
  • creative technology(3D printing,computer graphic)
  • Architectural technology (graphical design of house)
  • Low technology(created things are non mechanical)
  • Assistive technology(sensors)
  • Industrial technology(created food item)
  • Micro technology(transistor)
  • Medical technology(diagnosis, x-ray,laser operation)
  • Information technology(telecommunication)
  • Difference between old and today’s technology
  • Compare with time taken to finish a work with example.
  • Which one is good and why?
  • How today’s technology can damage our environment?
  • How Today’s technology make us ill physically and mentally?
  • Explain all the parts of technology with example of day to day life.
  • Why it creates gap between person to person(explain mobile uses)
  • Is it help to complete our task easily ?
  • How to earning money through technology ?
  • How it affect human life.

1.Que- How it create laziness in human ?

2.Que- Do technology  is reason of conflict between human ?

  • Conclusion of all information.
  • Overview of all the topic related to this segment (3rd step).
  • Output of  this blog part.

In 4th step you have to explain

  • Addiction due to technology.

1.Que- How people addicted with this?

2.Que- Is it really addiction or need?

3.Que- How we protect our self from this addiction?

  • End the technology topic with questions like:-

1.Que- Result depends upon you how you use it.

2.Que- You have to take decision which technology is good for you.

3.Que- Technology created by humans, humans are not the creation of technology.

Hints :-

  • The term Technology is derived from Greek word used “tekhnologia”, where “tekhne” means “art and craft or way or manner” and “logos” means “word”.
  • Technology start to advance with the growth of the ancient civilization, wheels and number system were the major development of that era.
  • The Mesopotamian used a sexagesimal number system with the base 60 with which they created time hours by dividing everything with 60, which we still use today.

Answering all these topic you are able to know and write everything about technology, if you follow all the points then that article is very attractive and point oriented. No one can turn the page without reading this article.


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