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google vs amazon main difference

google vs amazon main difference

3 Main Difference between google search and amazon search

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There is a lot of confusion in google and amazon search. It is not difficult to select a good choice, between google vs amazon. which one is better for you and what are the differences, difference are most be based on the basis of concept. Searching is one of the most popular activities on internet, because of necessity of resource.

Google shows results on pattern based on their search engine optimization algo(SEO). Amazon shows search output on the leads which is given by their search engine. According to Bloom research, if we are looking to find an output for product search then amazon gives satisfactory result.

But if you are looking for the output of any study material or any creative work like making food or electronic gadget the, google gives you amazing response. The algorithm which is used for amazon searching engine, is known as A9.

         A9 is the main difference between Amazon and google.

To build their own SERPs, specific on-page and off-page data is filtered by A9 to find right page.

Crucial difference between google and amazon search

The difference only gives you a way to clear your concept, but selection must be done on the basis of your thinking. This article gives you a better and concept building differences.

  1. Longtail vs short tail ( On the basis of keyword )

While writing a blog or doing updation of a web page, google expert know how to target on long tail keyword. But long tail keyword phrases are not focused in Amazon SEO. Basically  keyword phrases may come naturally when writing the copy most contain long tail and short tail keyword.

In Amazon search result “black felt letter board” comes up as a high volume,it still still rank for the full phrase, when you use “letter board” in the title and “made of black felt” in the bullets. But google SEO perform on individual keyword.

  1. Repetition( stuffing of words)

Google restricted the ranking on the basis of keyword stuffing, vital part of google is repetition of your targeted phrase throughout your copy.

when we are looking for amazon point of view a single usage of a keyword is enough to get you ranking for that word. it is but obvious that  keywords used in the title will be weighted more in ranking priority.

  1. External Linking

When google is looking for traffic hub, then the developer of google concentrate their mind on external linking.

Let me help you to understand about external linking. It is a process through which we can interconnected to any site, for which that link is applied. When google crawler is reading a page to find accuracy and piracy if there is any external link then google crawler reach to that site to check there article.

so, google gather traffic through this pattern also.

Amazon results are based on, Algorithm focuses on the keywords users are searching within their own site. Their page includes those keywords in page or not. On the basis of there searches, sales and ranking inside Amazon Outside traffic comes to it.

Conclusion :

The main goal of Amazon and google is to provide you a best result. In starting of this blog I told you that main difference in between them is their algo. Keyword priority is more focused in google but  amazon give real result.

Keyword of amazon is placed in Page title,Subtitle,Product description etc. Doing SEO on page we can’t set targeted keywords in google search.


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