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benifit of sex education

benifit of sex education

Sex education: Benefit , necessity and Side effects

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Sex education is very important for all age group. In some families parents not explain all sex education topic, which may lead to a big problem for children.  Human sexual anatomy is natural So, don’t hide educate your children and society.

What is sex education?

Sex education
Sex education

The education which relates to human sexuality, emotional relations, sexual anatomy, activity, and reproduction Is known as sex education.  Age of consent, reproductive health,  rights, safe sex, birth control, and sexual abstinence is a part of Education.

In short, the education in which we read about the sex, sex advantage and disadvantage, process of safe sex etc is called sex education.

After the discovery of sex disease “AIDS”, sex education spread all over the world. Many NGO around the world spread knowledge about the sex or safe sex. Some form of sex education is given at many schools as a part of the curriculum.

There are some sites which provide online sex education, where you receive all information about sex and use the information in best ways.

Importance of sex education

In many cultures were not given any information about sexual matters and the discussion of these issue being considered as misbehaving. It was traditionally left to a child’s parents and often this was put off until just before a child’s marriage.

For teenagers:

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Sex education is very important for the teenagers because it’s that stage was their mind are so sensitive. At this stage almost teenager don’t know about sex and the sex part. If someone harasses them by sex and touching their sex-sensitive part, then they have no idea about this and not complain to anyone.

But if they have knowledge about this, then they complain from their parents or guardian and take action on that person. At this stage, if you do not give the right education about the sex then they make mistake and going for sex before the adult period or other sexual activity like masturbation.

It’s that stage where puberty of boys and girls starts, they grew very fast and their body structure also changes slowly. They attract to each other and fall in love. Love is not a matter but their sex hormone also increases at this stage and then they go for the sex, which affects their career and their life badly. Sex education help teenagers to keep away from the sex or any sexual activity before the adult period and focused only on their career.

For adults:


At this stage, a boy and a girl so much attracted to each other and they also have permission from the government to sex with their partner, if both of them agree. But this stage the excitement of sex are very increased and in the excitement, they try unsafe sex and other things which are harmful to the body.

Sometime in the excitement, the female partner gets pregnant before marriage that affects the life of kid. Which creates a bad impact on society. In the excitement, sometime partner get forced to sex which is a crime.

Sex education for an adult is necessary because some adult wants to live in sexual relationship with more than one partner and sex with them but slowly they are addicted for sex and spoiled their life and their marital relationship.

After marriage sex education helps in the birth control. Sex education gives knowledge to the adult to use of condoms and medicine to control the population.

Sex education is very important for our society but it has some side effects also which effect mostly teenagers. Some of those side effects we describe here:-

  • Sex education at schools is important but some time it gives bad result in students. They are curious and when that curiosity for the sex increase they misuse. 
  • Most difficult part of sex education is that to decide which age is the right one to talk about sex.
  • Sex education at school is making a large number of student sex addicted.
  • Sex education generally educates teenagers regarding safe and unsafe sexual practices. So they apply this information in a bad way.
  • After sex education at schools, sexual intercourse during school is increasing. The increment in a sexual ratio in school.  Boys percentage sex ratio is more than the girl’s ratio.
  • It increases the interest in sex and encourages unhealthy tendencies in teenagers.
  • Sex education indirectly increases crime. Because of curiosity of sex in children after sex education. 


    Benefit                 Necessity                  Side effects
1. Prevent from Disease Help in knowing the facts Increase sexual excitement
2. Reduce Kids exploitation If someone tries to molest your kids, they come to you. Some boys are misusing the information
3. Help in Teenager problem 32%  kids take education in a bad way


Sex is an important and very risky part of human life. It makes the life beautiful and also destroys the life. So it’s very important to keep knowledge about sex to save your life. This information, you have to explain in front of children, to protect them.

Sex education for Girls: About menstruation cycle age ( 10 to 15 age).

For kids, if someone gives chocolate and touches the private part, then they directly say to parents.

What is the use of condom, pads and copper T. How and why it is used? if someone try to bad and good perspective, it’s your choice how you can deal with your kids.

Teenagers have to avoid the side effect of sex education. Keep only those information which helps to get the life better.


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