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The best richest professional beggar in India

How amazing word “The best richest professional beggar in India”. I think that you will not believe to me but it is really true. Because you will see many beggars at different places, like traffic signals, on roadside, temples, footpath or outsides restaurants, railway station etc. You will feel unhappy to see the situation of bagger yourself. And you will pray to God for him.

While I will give you more information about the best richest professional beggar in India, after that your mind will certainly change that it may be a beggar or king. Almost 29.8% of people spend his life under below poverty line in India. India has second place in the population of the world. Also with population, a lot of bigger lives in India. 

List of richest beggar-

1.Bharat Jain

2.Krishna Kumar Gite

3.Sarvatia Devi

4.Sambhaji Kale

5.Laxmi Das



Brief information about richest beggar-

Sr.No Beggar Name place
1 Bharat Jain mumbai
2 Krishna Kumar Gite Nallasopara (Mumbai)
3 Sarvatia Devi Ptana
4 Sambhaji Kale Solapur
5 Laxmi Das kolkata
6 Massu/Mala   Mumbai
7 Pappu Patna

Bharat Jain-

DOB-approx 1971


Monthly Income-60,000


brahat jain
brahat jain image source: www.goggle.co.in

Bharat Jain is a top Best professional richest beggar in India. He is 49 years old and working areas in the Parel field of Mumbai and also has two own apartment which value is current time 70 lakhs. Bharat Jain takes rents a juice shop and earns 10,000 as monthly rent. He works as a professional beggar and earns almost Rs 60,000 per month. Bharat lives own apartment with his father, wife, brother and two sons who are studying in Class X and Xll. Place of Bharat Jain is the first name of the richest beggar.


Krishna Kumar Gite


PlaceNallasopara (Mumbai)

Monthly Income-45,000

Krishna Kumar Gite
Krishna Kumar Gite

image source: www.goggle.co.in

Krishna Kumar Gita is a wonderful Young beggar. His best favorite place for begging CP Tank near Charni Road in Mumbai. He has owned a flat at Mumbai hotspot, Nalasopara. Per day income of Krishna Kumar  Git is 1500 hundred. He has own flat which cost is present time 5 lakh rupees. krishna Kumar Gita lives with father and brother. He maintains his family carefully at this time.

Sarvatia Devi-



Monthly Income-35,000

Sarvatia Devi
Sarvatia Devi

image source: www.google.co.in

Sarvatia Devi is a small time bigger. She lives in Patna nearby Ashok cinemas. She is a most popular famous female beggar of India’s. Sarvatia Devi gives Rs 36,000 as insurance premium annually. And even had her daughter married. Sarvatia Devi has been traveled all his country and holy places.

Sambhaji Kale- Flat owner of Solapur



Monthly Income-30,000

Sambhaji Kale
Sambhaji Kale

image source: www.google.co.in

He is a famous richest beggar in India. And it is one of the richest beggar people in India. Sambhaji kale earns more money from begging in this time. He has two own individual houses, where he spends his life with enjoyment. besides it, he has purchased a part of the land in Solapur and collect a lot of money into his a bank balance. Sambhaji per day income is  1000. It has all the things yet he is poor.


Laxmi Das: Laxmi Das have a big account balance:


Place– Kolkata

Monthly Income-30,000

Laxmi Das
Laxmi Das

Image source: www.google.co.in

Laxmi Das is a female beggar. She started off begging carrier in 1964. Start place of begging, Kolkata when she is 16 years old. Laxmi Das continues his begging and he saved a lot of money his bank balance. Now, she is 50 years old and in this time Laxmi Das has a good money balance. She is earn per day 1000 and monthly income of  30,000. If you compare a normal government employee and Laxmi Das income approximately equal both.


DOB- approx 1962


Monthly Income-25-40 thousands


Image source:www.google.co.in

Malana also was known as Massu is infamous for his clothes changing habits. The popular name of Malana also known as Massu. He is familiar with clothes-changing habits in his country. People say that Malana takes an auto to reached his begging place. After reaching his begging place, she prays 8 to 10 Hrs and changes his clothes and takes back auto. She has good skills for begging. she has a different identity of bigger. Average monthly income of 30-40 thousand. she is the landlord of thirty lakh rupees in current time.


DOB- approx 1977


Average Monthly Income:20- 25 thousand


image source: www.google.co.in

Pappu is the richest beggar of India. He earns more money monthly from begging. Pappu has four Atm of the different bank like- Allahabad bank, PNB(Punjab national bank) SBI(state bank of India),  BOB(Bank of Baroda). Pappu provides his children a good education in modern time. Almost he has collected 1.25 crore rupees in a bank.


I already describe the richest beggar in India. Which have to good property and amount his bank balance. But most of the people use begging use like a business. While he is very good physically but he does not like to do work. Place of working he likes to beg. Therefore India government require to control it. I aspect that you can collect more information about the richest professional beggar of India.


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