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5 Upcoming Technology Trends You Need to Know

If you are interested in technology and want to do work on it so firstly you have need to know more about the technical term, and which technology is best for you for your future career perspective.Here you will learn the top 5 Technology Trends which is taking leads in the modern world.

History of  Technology-

The Term technology is common for all of us. Word technology comes from the Greek, the meaning of ‘Technology’ is  ‘Science of craft’ or ‘Arts’. Since the 1980s, technology introduces with us by making small support gadgets.

Definition of Technology-

In the simple definition, Technology is the logical process of creating something new and transform matter, energy, and information to get the valuable result.

Technology Trends

Today 2018, we are doing grow rapidly in the field of technology, In today time technology is become a habitual part of our life, its make the person things easier and gave help in the field of development. The biggest example of technology is Mobile phones which are accepted by the all most half population of the world.

Top 5 Technology Trends

1)Internet of Things

Inventor-The inventor of the Internet of Things is ‘Kevin Ashton’


Internet of Things also known as IOT(abbreviation).As the name of Internet suggest us net of the number of network and Things suggest us the objects, the combination of both gave us an effective name of the technology and show the working of IOT.

Internet Of Things

Internet of things show the capability of the network device to sense and collect information from the world, and then show the information across the internet where it can be used for various purpose. Now a day everyone connected to each other using various communication ways, and the most famous way is Internet which connects the peoples.

IOT Devices-

IOT Device makes our daily task easy, provide us comfort and improving our daily lives and society. domestic appliances are connected with the network, they can work together and serve us the ideal service.

Example of smart IOT device-

  • Door Locks
  • Smart Bike Locks and Trackers
  • Home Apps
  • Smart Bluetooth Trackers, And etc…

The above example shows that the IoT device supports the human being activity at a large scale like a friend and family member.

Some software tool for IOT applications-

  • Kaa
  • Arduino
  • Home Assistant
  • DeviceHive

2)Machine Learning

It is an important function of Artificial intelligence (AI) that provides the capability to the system by which system learn automatically from the experience and improve the performance of data.

machine learning process starts with the observation of data and it gave you result on the bases of past data observation, Its give you better decision for the future result.

Machine Learning

Application of Machine learning-

  • Predictions while Commuting
  • Online Fraud Detection
  • Search Engine Result Refining
  • Email Spam and Malware Filtering
  • Virtual Personal Assistants
  • Online Customer Support
  • Social Media Services
  • Video surveillance

Best Programming Languages for Artificial Intelligence or Machine Learning-

  • Python
  • R.R
  • Lisp
  • Prolog
  • Java

3)Virtual reality (VR)

Inventor-Founder of virtual reality (VR) is Palmer Luckey.

Year– Mid of the 1990s and beginning of 2010s.

virtual reality shows the Three-dimensional computer-generated environment, which can be interacted by a person and get the appropriate responses.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality based on simulation concept. And its main aim is creating a 3D environment. Interact with the completely imaginary worlds by the use of high-performance computers and sensory equipment.

Equipment used in Virtual reality(VR)-

  • Headset
  • Gloves
  • Wands
  • Immersive rooms

Types of Virtual reality-

  • Fully immersive-Immersive virtual reality show us an artificial scene in the place of the natural scene.
  • Non-immersive-Non-Immersive shows the least immersive environment that replaces the original environment.3D interaction devices use in it is Spaceballs or DataGlove.
  • Collaborative-Collaborative VR use for sharing information and ideas to each other.

Type Of collaborative virtual environments-

  1. Marketing for the consumer interaction
  2. Multiplayer games
  3. In Art
  4. Medicine
  5. Distance Learning
  • Web-based-By this, you can experience the Virtual Reality in your browser, And doesn’t matter which device you have.
  • Augmented reality-Addition of digital view in the Live environment.

Application –

  • Uses in Games
  • Uses in Movies
  • Use in design and architecture
  • Use in Medical field
  • Education

4) Cloud Computing

In today’s time, Cloud Computing is a famous word in the IT Industry, and many people are curious to know about it’s, What it is? How it does work and many more…

Cloud Computing


Cloud computing is a combination of hardware and software which deliver service over the internet, In the cloud, computing user can access the data from any system.

Example -Gmail, Google.

4 type of cloud computing-

  1. Public
  2. Private
  3. hybrid
  4. Community cloud

The platform of cloud computing

  1. Paas(Platform as a Service) -By this cloud computing model third-party delivers hardware and software. This platform provides the compute and storage infrastructure, text editing as well as compiling and testing service which provides help for the creation of new software in an efficient way.
  2. IaaS(Infrastructure as a Service)-Provide virtualized computing resource over the internet.
  3. SaaS(Software as a Service)-Software for the distribution model used for flexible payment, Scalable usage, Automatic updates, And Accessibility and persistence.

5)Big Data

It is an emerging technology in the IT field. Big data is a concept of data mining, In which we are collecting useful data from a large amount of data.

Big data describe us the format of data and give us a pattern of data by which we can store the data in the proper format.

Big Data

These are the type of data

  • Structured data
  • Semistructured data
  • Unstructured data


  • Provide us with efficient data
  • Secure data
  • Provide accurate data
  • Decease complexity of data

Some Software for Big Data –

  • Hadoop
  • Spark
  • MapReduce
  • BigQuery


Here, we have discussed 5 Upcoming Technology Trends. If you are thinking to make your career in the technology field,  so we think that it’s the best choice for you. Top 5 Technology Trends which describe above is in the boom state in the IT field. Requirements of these technologies are needed for the new generation, as well as the upcoming generation. These Technology Trends give us a secure, efficient and decision making result which is very important for any data.

If you like this guide, share it with your Peers! Also if you know some other Upcoming Technology Trends, feel free to tell us in the comment.

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