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Smoke Alarms

Smoke Alarms

How to Maintain Your Smoke Alarms? Tips from the Licensed Electricians

The top and licensed electricians around the world knows well. That the smoke alarms are the only option which can save a great number of lives only. If they are maintained properly and are also in working conditions. This is why the licensed electrician’s team has put in together some of the easy tips to maintain the smoke alarms.

You can get the best tips on getting to know as to how you can replace the smoking alarm well. For ensuring as how these smoke alarms work and they should be maintained, you need to have an expert advice. The licensed Residential electrician Calgary suggests having regular cleaning and testing of these alarms.

Some regular maintenance can even be performed well on the smoke detectors

1. Testing the smoke alarm

All smoke alarms must be tested at least once in every month for ensuring that the battery is not at all dead and alarm is properly operating. For testing the smoke detectors, you also need to hold down the test button until the time you heat loud tone of alert.

If your smoke alarm is not in your reach. Then you can try making use of any long pole or broom handle for pressing its button. In some of the cases, you might need to press its button again for turning off the alarm.

2. Vacuuming smoke alarm

You can also outsource the best Calgary electrical services which can help you with the easy maintenance of these smoke alarms. It is also suggested to vacuum them at least once in 6 months for removing all the dust cobwebs and build up. While vacuuming the smoke detectors, you must be sure to use the attachment of soft brush around and in each vent too.

3. Protecting the smoke alarm from all types of infestations

Using a spray of surface insect can also be one of the best ways of helping to prevent insects from making a nest inside. However, while putting the spray around these alarms, cover them for preventing the spray not to go inside.

4. Battery Replacement

You must get a battery replacement for your smoke alarm after every one year. In most of the models, when their batteries are low. The detector emits the short sound of beeping after every few minutes. You must upgrade electrical panel in case you detect such issues.

Smoke Alarms
Smoke Alarms

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It is true that you will get many options when it comes to selecting an electrician for electrical needs. This is the reason, the best electricians in Calgary around are ready to help you with competitive pricing, skilled workmanship and superior services. As a smoke alarm work for constantly monitoring air 24 x 7. They might start malfunctioning over the time from exposure to the airborne contaminants, insects, dust and even corrosion. Most of them come with expiry or replacement date. Thus, it is much important for you to get an upgraded smoke alarm for easy functioning and best results.

Go through the above-mentioned tips online which are given by top licensed electricians to help you in maintaining the smoke alarms.

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