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android-vs-ios-security neck to neck

android-vs-ios-security neck to neck

How to select mobile: iphone vs smartphones

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If you wants to purchase best smartphone, First thing comes in mind which one is better Android or iPhone. It’s not easy;both offers a lot of feature and the differences of brand and price.

From this article it is easy to select,which is best for your next upgrade” Android phones and iPhones”. If you are upset due to your phone and wants a new phone then list out the necessity of it. According to necessity it’s easy to select from both the version iOS and Android.

let’s start with argument? “Without any question Android phones are the best”,”iPhones are worst phone”. Clean you mind from these things or vice versa, because today you get new facts about both iPhone and Android

What you want in a phone:

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  1. Ease of use

People love to say that iPhones/ Apple works good and their display quality or user interface are awesome. But it doesn’t mean Android phones are not good. The picture display quality varies from phone to phone, because of brands like Samsung, vivo, Honor,nokia,oppo which provide android platform.

So, in iOS you don’t have option but in android phone a lot of options of price, looks and color.

  1. Hardware: Android vs iPhone

This advantages goes in a side of Android, because you’ve got huge collection of different phones like LG G7,Google Pixel 2 XL,Samsung Galaxy S9, OnePlus 5T. That’s great if you like Apple’s aesthetics but you don’t have more option like android phones.

  1. Apps and Better looking

The popular apps are available on both the platform. But many top games and application are only present on apple store like Enlight Photofox (Free),Focos (Free),Stylebook,Astropad Studio,Airmail,Agenda (Free),Bear (Free),Sid Meier’s Civilization 6 (game).

If, you are comparing with same application,Views in iOS are much better than android.

  1. Updates comparison
apple is better than android
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iPhone owners enjoy quick and regular iOS updates for the iPhone. Android user have to wait for their updates specially when device is 18 month old. Apple it is available on every carrier.

Apple provides their updates to devices, up to 3 year old, iphone 4s support iOS 9 and iPhone 5 support iOS 12. Google promises at least 2 year updates for Nexus or Pixel devices.

  1. Connectivity with other device

Most people use tablet, computer, printer but when you are comparing with the brands, may all gadget contain different brands.

iphone user may face problem of connectivity with non-iOS gadget, but android user can connect their phone on windows,linux on any device except iOS operating system.

iPhone is connected directly on iOS operating system , but android can use on any operating system( not in iOS device).

  1. Battery Life

From past few days Apple is working on the battery backups,because earlier stage battery backup was not too good. Androids phones gives a lot of option, battery backups depends upon phone to phone.

Few phones provide battery backup up to 48 hours, which is not see in apple.

  1. Security purpose

The positive sounds comes in a support of Apple phones if you are looking for security. Because apple is not connected directly with any other device, due to their operating system and cloud computing.

Apple gives inbuilt Gps tracking feature through which we can know the exact location of our phone. But in smart phones this feature is provided at very high range( in terms of money).

  1. Compatibility

Apple phone are easy to hold in hand, same size all over the world, but android size depends upon your need.

Output of this article :

Apple (operating system iOS) , in this you can get better display quality and a hidden feature for  silent and vibration for your phone through buttons. It also provides you better upgradation, and new feature. All apps are not free in this phone. Security is very high.

Android operating system provides you a better option in terms of purchasing phone according to your pocket and necessity. Updates are available for limited period of time and depends upon phone capacity. Low security as compare to iPhones.

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