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8 Facts Nobody Told You About eBay Online Shopping Giant

eBay is the world’s most popular online shopping website that was started in the year 1995. Because the E-commerce website has been selling products worldwide to consumers.

It is one of America’s largest online marketplace where you can shop for almost any merchandise. But, do you know that there are some hidden facts about the eBay online shopping marketplace that you might not have known before?

Well, here are some interesting facts about the largest shopping website eBay.

1. eBay was actually called AuctionWeb

eBay was formerly called as AuctionWeb until 1997. The name was later changed to eBay by two of its employees, named Omidyar and Jeffrey Skoll.

The story behind the change in the online shopping website’s name occurred when Omidyar, a computer programmer, went to register a domain “”. Since the domain was already registered, he instantly came up with the idea of naming the site “” and that’s how it got its new name, which we all know by today.

2. First items sold at eBay

laser pointer
laser pointer                    image source:

The first items that sell on the eBay online shopping website were as.

  • a broken laser pointer
  • a Superman metal lunch box
  • a Toyota Tercel
  • an autographed Marky Mark underwear

Selling the broken laser pointer on eBay was an experiment that was carried out by Omidyar, who was the computer programmer. However, to his luck, one customer purchased the broken laser pointer for a sum of $14.83. This was the first ever product sells at eBay.

3. eBay’s mobile app is boosting sales

laser pointer
laser pointer                                          image source:

After launching the mobile app, eBay has seen a high increase in their sales, which had accounted for about a $1.5 billion worth of merchandise sold to customers in various parts of the world. You can guess that an item is buy in every two seconds by customers using the eBay mobile app on their smartphones.

4. eBay actually sold an Aeroplane


aeroplane                                      image source:

eBay had sold a 1985 Piper PA-46-310P Malibu airplane for a sum of $265,000 on their online shopping website to its customer. The sum was paid online and the company also receives positive feedback from the customer.

5. A -breaking sale ever

Recorder          image source:


Another surprising fact about the eBay online shopping website. Because it had sold the most expensive item on their website. It was the Gulfstream II Jet that sold for $4.9 million, making it a record-breaking sale in the history of online shopping. An unknown customer actually buys the airplane from eBay and the amount paid in full online and successfully.

6. eBay sold a luxury car via a mobile app

luxury car
luxury car                                    image source:

You will not believe that eBay is also known for selling a 2007 model Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder luxury sports car for an amount of $139,000. This luxury sports car sell to a customer via a mobile app. It was one of the biggest sales for the E-commerce company through a mobile application.

7. Pets for adoption

Pets                                                image source:

eBay is an online E-commerce site for online shopping. It has a special category for pet animals. Because there are many partners with other services that offer pet to adoption to people. Although you are searching for a pet animal then eBay is the best-classified site or online shopping giant to find out to pet an animal. You can download the app on your smartphone to easily find out.

8. First to tweet its earnings call

eBay’s corporate blogger, Richard Brewer-Hay, was the first to post live blogs about the company’s earnings call on Twitter.

These are some of the not-known facts that you now know about the eBay online shopping website. Because eBay is an international online shopping giant website where you can easily by any things in easily due to its better facility it is famous in the whole world.

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